Casino Games On Twitch: A Phenomenon That Will Last

Casino Games On Twitch: A Phenomenon That Will Last

Casino Games On Twitch: A Phenomenon That Will Last
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Since its creation in 2011, Twitch has been the must-have streaming service in the world. As proof, millions of spectators (viewers) follow the live content offered by their favourite streamers every day. If video games still have a central place in the topics discussed on Twitch channels, casino games are also starting to take their place on the famous streaming platform…

P’tit Flo, the streamer with immediate success on Twitch

In France, many streamers have thus specialized in this so particular genre during these last months. In order to know more about the subject, we went to meet the one who is currently considered as the rising star of the casino on Twitch: P’tit Flo.

To measure the craze around P’tit Flo, you just have to look at the numbers: more than 1000 followers already follow this channel created only one month ago! The key to success is probably the crazy side of its host, whose show is in sharp contrast to that of his wiser competitors who come from the world of video games.

P’tit Flo Twitch Casino

His name is Florian, and he is 27 years old. He has always been attracted by casino games but could never identify with the channels of other French streamers on the subject. There was nothing fun, it was pretty flat and he realized that other viewers shared his point of view. So he decides to propose something different and the advantage of the casino is that this theme gives much more freedom than poker!

Honestly, he didn’t expect to get such high ratings so quickly. He loves to make people happy and laugh, so he is thrilled that his work has been recognized by the public. He started out playing with his own money and then presented the project to FatBoss Casino and they accepted it. This allows making a living out of it and luck was omnipresent during this first month: more than C$9800! P’tit Flo is going to continue to build on success by attracting more and more people. He is definitely going to create new concepts, offer something new every day and go further!