National Reading Campaign



National Reading Campaign and Learning of Online Casino Guides is an organization that was created by fans of gambling and literature. The organization promotes reading books, particularly about gambling, and all sorts of gambling guides.

Our team members bring their skills and life experience to bear on our mission to cultivate meaningful connections and remove barriers to employment opportunities.

We are always open to new ideas and partnerships that can help to get our idea to people.

Business people hold a resume and talk to job applicants for job

Our Values

At National Reading Campaign and Learning of Online Casino Guides, we honour our core values in everything we do:

  • Be inclusive
  • Act with empathy
  • Make a positive and measurable impact
  • Expanding our horizons
  • Always take an integrated approach

Be part of our team

Our strength is our team. We pride ourselves on being more than just an organization of gambling fans. We are a small family. It is very important for us to work together, to share our knowledge and to support each other to give our best.

We look forward to meeting you!