National Reading Campaign

Our Missions

Our Missions

The National Campaign to Read and Explore Online Casino Guides is an organization started by gambling enthusiasts and literature in general.

We are an informal community and bring together people who share our interests across Canada and around the world.

The main purpose of our book club is to provide an opportunity for everyone to delve deeper into the world of gambling through reading. Also, to help readers make the right choice when buying a book about gambling.

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The mission of the National Campaign for Reading and Learning Guides to Online Gambling is as follows:

  • Provide an overview of books about gambling from a variety of authors and publishers
  • To make book reading as popular a leisure activity as gambling, whether online or offline
  • To give book lovers the most convenient and useful mechanism for choosing or exchanging books from our members’ personal libraries
  • To make the club another informal way of spending leisure time. We periodically hold meetings of our club members. The meetings include a discussion of this or that book.

We often provide various privileges: help to find books with discounts, the opportunity to participate in raffles for various prizes, access to valuable, unique literature, etc.

We also often hold webinars with specially invited authors of a particular book on gambling.