How your brain and body benefit when you crack open a book

Publish 20 March 2017

Reading is therapy to the mind and body. This stimulating activity keeps the brain active, and it might even protect it from all kinds of degenerative diseases, including dementia or Alzheimer’s. Reading also encourages positive thinking, and it reduces stress.Many would say that reading is like building “memory muscle.” It works out the brain but in a different way than listening to music or watching TV. Whether you’re merely scanning through an instruction’s manual or slow reading a novel, the habit will stir your brain in a very unique way.


Reading keeps the brain active and young

Recent studies have proven that reading keeps the brain young and active. It might even ward off years off your mind. It looks like book reading diminishes cognitive decline in older people by 32%. ABC News reports that in spite of various neuropathologies related to age, seniors who read regularly or engage in mentally challenging activities (puzzles, chess) have lower chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

No more stress

Stress is a condition that’s almost impossible to avoid. Many people can’t take their minds off their issue. And yet, there is a solution and it’s not watching TV or listening to music. Studies have shown that cuddling up with a good book diminishes unhealthy stress levels. Reading something interesting for just a couple of minutes reduce stress levels by nearly 67%.

Reading books helps people achieve life goals

Reading books about important events from other people’s lives could motivate you to follow yours too. Self-help books are the best when you’re trying to get out of a comfort zone or take risks. We all want to strive for the best in life, but very few have the courage to give that a try. The more you read about a person who made it, the greater it will influence your perceptions. Taking action and just doing things is easier said than done. Reading can help you get out of that bubble and act.


Books may help people think more positive

Who doesn’t love happy endings? When reading books, a happy ending may be what we need to feel cheerful and hopeful. But it’s not just about that; we may accumulate positive feelings from books that send out subtle messages too. Quotes, lessons, minor events, and even the characters from a narrative might persuade us to do more and strive for more.

Improved empathy

Certain books are meant to offer readers life changing perspectives on life. Being caught up in a virtual universe with characters that strengthen your capacity to understand other people’s feelings will make you more empathic. Having a general perspective of the world through the kind eyes of the famous Jane Eyre might persuade you to be kinder to your siblings too.


Enriched vocabulary

Reading books helps us develop and enrich our mental dictionary. The more we read the more out intellect expands. Our vocabulary is enriched, and we often end up using words we never used before, or even knew existed. This is particularly important for kids whose vocabulary is linked directly to the books they read. Parents should pay more attention to reading as an activity. It has to be nurtured in order to become a preferred habit of a child. Focus on fun books, read to your kids aloud and you might end up with a bookworm kid.

There’s a book genre for every individual, so whether you prefer classic literature, fashion magazines, poetry, self-help books, or romance novels, there’s definitely something out there to exceed your expectations. All you have to do is give them a try. Choose books that appeal to your senses, that capture your imagination and curiosity, and don’t let unfinished. Step away from your smartphone, tablet and computer for a couple of hours a day, and sink in with a good book. It will replenish your soul; lift your morale, and your spirit. The right genre will offer you a whole new perspective of life itself!

By Jason Phillips and!

How your brain and body benefit when you crack open a book