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Children's Book Reviews:Going for a Sea Bath

Publish April 6, 2016

Leanne lives with her father by the sea. When her father calls her for her bath, she grumbles, “It’s so boring! It’s annoying! It’s a pain!” “There’s nothing to play with in the bath,” she says, and her father takes it upon himself to change that. In the picture book Going for a Sea Bath by author Andrée Poulin and illustrator Anne-Claire Delisle, kids will count along with Leanne as her father brings a plethora of creatures from the sea to join in her bath time fun. In addition to numeracy, Going for a Sea Bath incorporates two other concepts: synonyms and animals. Leanne’s father brings all kinds of animals into the bathtub, ranging from familiar sea turtles and clown fish to lesser known anemones and sea urchins, so kids are also sure to discover some new creatures. And when her father gets a new idea, he qualifies it with a different synonym: great, excellent, terrific, marvelous, brilliant. The numbers, animals, and synonyms are printed in a bolded font for emphasis. This picture book builds gradually with all the animals ending up in the bath – or falling out of it! Kids will love the chaos that ensues, which Delisle reflects through each character’s and creature’s actions, positions, and expressions. Going for a Sea Bath is an off the wall read which will surely get a giggle.

Going for a Sea Bath

Andrée Poulin (trans. Erin Woods)
Illustration EN: Anne-Claire Delisle
Pyjamas Press
ISBN 13: 978-1-927485-92-7

Jen Bailey
Jen Bailey Jen Bailey is an Ontario-certified teacher who holds an MFA in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She works for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. Jen’s other book reviews have appeared in Quill & Quire and Canadian Children’s Book News.

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