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Children's Book Reviews:Galloping Through History

Publish May 25, 2015

Horses have borne us on their backs, fought in our wars, carried our goods, delivered our mail, worked in our mines and offered us companionship for 3500 years. Galloping Through History: Amazing True Horse Stories by Elizabeth Macleod gives an overview of the influence of the horse on the history of humankind, with six in-depth stories about how specific horses changed the world. With dramatic stories, photographs, drawings, sidebars and interesting tidbits scattered in the margins, this book is sure to engage children who want to know more about horses. MacLeod is an experienced writer who has a knack for bringing history to life, choosing details children will find irresistible, such as whether or not Sybil Ludington rode sidesaddle on her wild ride through the night to muster troops during the Revolutionary War, and what kind of treats the Pit Ponies were fed deep in the coal mines. The reference material is excellent, and includes a timeline, as well as an inventive feature called “Horsey Places to Visit,” which lists museums, monuments and historic sites connected to each story. Although perhaps a little too focused on American horses (only two of the six chapters are about horses outside the United States), the stories are all worth telling. This thoughtful, well-written book offers valuable insight into our long and rewarding connection with the horse.  

Galloping Through History

Elizabeth MacLeod
Annik Press
ISBN 13: 978-1-55451-699-5