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Children's Book Reviews: In the Swish

Publish August 18, 2016

In the latest offering from YA author Dawn Green, In the Swish, Bennett Ryan is fresh off winning the championship with the Lincoln High Lady Lions basketball team when her mother announces that they must move to a different school district for her job. Turns out it’s not just any school district, it’s the home of Riverside High Storm, the team Bennett faced in the finals last season. Fitting into her rival team for her senior year is going to be a challenge, but if Bennett can mend fences and make friends, the championship just might be within their grasp again. Having to switch schools for a senior year is a teen’s worst nightmare, and Bennett’s anger toward her mother is palpable as she starts over, fighting for a place on a new basketball team. But in the midst of Bennett’s struggles to fit in with her rival Teesha and trying to make the best of an irritating situation, she finds out that it’s not as bad as she thought it would be. New, solid friendships are hard won, and Riverside has a stronger team with Bennett’s dedication and loyalty. In the Swish is an engaging read with likeable and diverse characters dealing with true-to-life situations – being bullied, making friends, fitting in, and trying to do your best. Green’s writing makes basketball accessible to readers who might not be sports-inclined, and also explores the role of grief in our lives with the accidental death of Bennett’s father. Many layers of depth are revealed in this powerful story about friendship and teamwork.

In the Swish

Dawn Green
Red Deer Press
ISBN 13: 978-0-889-955-394