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Children's Book Reviews: Worlds of Ink and Shadow

Publish January 14, 2016

In her long awaited second book, Worlds of Ink and Shadow, award-winning Witchlanders author, Lena Coakley, delves into the young adulthood of the famous Brontë siblings, Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anna, speculating on the motivations behind their own well-known works of fiction. Living with their clergy father and raised by their aunt after the deaths of their mother and two older sisters, the remaining siblings escape their harsh reality in a visceral way, making deals with the elusive, yet powerful spirit called Old Tom and venturing into their own invented worlds. The expense of this indulgence is high, requiring each to determine how they will pay – with devastating effects. Similar to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott in the depiction of close sibling relationships, fantasy worlds and the struggle to grow up and accept reality, Worlds of Ink and Shadow belongs on the classics shelf itself, proving siblings truly inhabit a world unto themselves. Coakley’s astute portrayal of the dramatic, imaginative world of the Brontë siblings and their innate need to create is all-consuming, possessing the reader with obsessive intensity until the very last page. Providing much insight into the lives of the authors themselves, as well as their creations, Worlds of Ink and Shadow examines the issues that pervade their real-life works: feminism, religion, challenging social norms, and the nature of love. A compelling study about the act of writing itself also emerges; from disputing its incorporeal nature, to recognizing the subconscious influences involved in the process. All in all, a satisfying, enlightening read for anyone who has ever loved a Brontë classic or found themselves enchanted by a creative muse.

World of Ink and Shadow

Lena Coakley
Harper Collins of Canada
ISBN 13: 978-144-341-659-7