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Children's Book Reviews: West Meadows Detectives

Publish November 20, 2015

Myron is uneasy about things that are new: new baby sister, new school, new teachers. If things get too unpredictable, his head starts to buzz and it’s hard to calm down. What makes him feel really good is solving mysteries, and the first day at his new school he is confronted with a doozy: someone has stolen the snacks from the school kitchen. Undaunted by threats from the school bullies, Myron and his bouncy sidekick, Hajrah, set out to investigate. The mystery moves along at just the right pace, as Myron and Hajrah collect evidence, follow false leads, discover important clues, and finally lay a trap for the perpetrator. West Meadows Detectives: The Case of the Snack Snatcher is the first in a new series for reluctant readers by Liam O’Donnell, well known for the Max Finder Detective series. This time, his detective is autistic and spends each morning in a special needs class. O’Donnell’s portrayal of Myron is astute and sensitive, taking the reader right inside Myron’s head. His need for logic and order make him an excellent detective. This book works on many levels: it’s refreshing for autistic kids to read a book about someone like them; it’s valuable for other kids to understand Myron’s reactions to the world around him; the characters are likeable and funny; and the comic illustrations are a nice counterpoint to the short, punchy chapters. But best of all, the engaging mystery and gentle humour will keep hesitant readers eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens next.

West Meadows Detectives: The Case of the Snack Snatcher

Liam O’Donnell
Illustration EN: Aurélia Grand
Owlkids Books
ISBN 13: 978-1-77147-069-8