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Children's Book Reviews: The Masked Truth

Publish January 21, 2016

Well-known for her paranormal series, Darkest Powers, her fantasy series, Age of Legends, and more recently for her mystery The Unquiet Past, YA author, Kelley Armstrong steps into the world of psychological thrillers with The Masked Truth. Seventeen-year-old Riley’s whole world changes the night she babysits for the Porters. Witness to the fatal shooting of her charge’s parents, Riley is wracked with survivor’s guilt as she tortures herself with what she might have done. Hoping for resolution, Riley attends a weekend counselling retreat where the unthinkable happens, she and her fellow participants are taken hostage. As the situation spins out of control, Riley finds an ally in Max, an eighteen-year-old who, unknown to Riley, is dealing with schizophrenia. Each fighting their own inner demons, Riley and Max must stick together to figure out how to make it out alive and survive the outside world. Armstrong uses highly suspenseful action sequences to explore the challenges of dealing with schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder under added pressure. Riley and Max discover in each other a kindred spirit; though they have different mental illnesses, they share an insightful understanding of being isolated in society and having to confront stereotypes on a continual basis. When things take an unexpected turn, they must work together to fight this stigma, realising the only way to expose their kidnappers is through piecing together the truth behind their experiences. With a quickly paced plot and plenty of twists, The Masked Truth is an adrenaline-filled, yet thoughtful thriller from start to finish.

The Masked Truth

Kelley Armstrong
Doubleday Canada: Penguin Random House Canada
ISBN 13: 9780385684750