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Children's Book Reviews: The Jock and the Fat Chick

Publish January 15, 2016

Kevin Connors is at the top of his game in The Jock and The Fat Chick, a romantic e-book by YA author, Nicole Winters. Kevin spent his summer following a rigid diet and weight lifting regimen and his discipline is finally paying off. He has the sculpted body he’s always dreamed of, his athletic performance is solid, and he’s in the running for a hockey scholarship that will fund his university education. But after failing an assignment on diet and nutrition, Kevin is forced to take a Domestic Tech course for extra credit, and is partnered with the voluptuous Claire Riel, domestic goddess extraordinaire. The daughter of a restaurateur and a pastry chef, Claire sees food as more than mere fuel, and begins to teach Kevin the seductive artistry of haute cuisine. As Claire and Kevin work toward their final assignment, their relationship moves out of the kitchen and into the bedroom — but Kevin’s secret relationship with Claire creates complications both on and off the ice. Kevin wants to be more than “friends with benefits,” Claire isn’t ready to commit, and Kevin is forced to hide his painful secret because he’s embarrassed to tell his jock friends that he’s seeing a full-figured girl. With engaging characters, spicy sex, and page after page of mouth-watering food, The Jock and The Fat Chick is an addictive little gem of a novel that would work nicely for reluctant readers. Winters’ unconventional decision to use the male point of view for a romance novel puts a modern spin on the star-crossed lovers’ trope, and her body-positive portrayal of Claire is inspiring. A romance for millennial readers, The Jock and The Fat Chick is a guilty pleasure to be greedily consumed in one sitting.

The Jock and the Fat Chick

Nicole Winters
Harper Collins of Canada
ISBN 13: 978-006-241-841-8

Karen Doerksen
Karen Doerksen Karen Doerksen lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta with her husband and four children. She works for the Edmonton Public Library, and holds a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Alberta.  

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