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Children's Book Reviews: Seven Dead Pirates

Publish October 23, 2015

Lewis Dearborn suffers from “terminal” shyness. When called upon in class, he freezes, turns red as a tomato, and can’t speak. His oblivious parents seem to go out of their way to embarrass him; on the first day of school they warn the teacher (in front of everybody) that Lewis is gifted, fragile, and suffers from asthma. His classmates make fun of him, relentlessly, and the meaner ones pick on him every recess. Lewis figures his life can’t get much worse, but a death in the family propels him into an adventure that challenges every shy bone in his body. His much loved great-granddad dies and Lewis and his parents moves into the old man’s rambling, ramshackle house. Lewis soon discovers that his new bedroom is haunted by seven dead pirates, who appear every night, begging him to lead them in a desperate quest to retrieve their pirate ship from the local museum. Seven Dead Pirates by Linda Bailey is a delightful pirate jig with unexpected twists and endearing characters. The pirate captain might talk a good fight, but he hates bloodshed. The other pirates are volatile and violent, but terrified by cars. Lewis’s gentle, bumbling father is a jobless historian who finds his true calling cooking gourmet food. And Lewis is an engaging, unlikely hero who discovers his inner pirate has a lot more courage than he could ever imagine. A satisfying and funny adventure story sure to entertain readers.  

Seven Dead Pirates

Linda Bailey
Tundra Books, Penguin Random House of Canada
ISBN 13: 978-1-77049-815-0