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Children's Book Reviews: Sakura's Cherry Blossoms

Publish March 9, 2018

Sakura enjoys spending time with her grandmother, Obaachan, exploring her culture and enjoying the Spring cherry blossom festival days. When her father brings the family to live in America to start working at his new job, Sakura finds she doesn’t fit in until she meets a boy named Luke who helps her to see the beauty in America by looking at the stars at night. As Obaachan becomes sick, Sakura misses the way things used to be in Japan with her grandmother. When Spring comes to America, Sakura reconnects with the cherry blossoms of her childhood and finally begins to feel at home.

This book shares a child’s memory of Japanese culture and the Spring festival. Saburi’s Summer-light illustrations help readers to re-create their own nostalgic childhood spaces. Sakura teaches us that no matter where you go, it can feel like home if you keep looking around and exploring the connections. Friends we make are always linked to those parts of the world we are most fond. And if you are going through a new experience you just need to practice or “explore” the subject to find its full potential.

Sakura's Cherry Blossoms

Robert Paul Weston
Illustration EN: Misa Saburi
Penguin Random House
ISBN 13: 9781101918746

Seumas Hetherington
Seumas Hetherington

Seumas Hetherington is a bilingual reviewer of children’s ‘books for boys’, graphic novels, comics, and mixed media stories. He is a snowboarder in South-western Ontario and a self-proclaimed ‘science geek’. Hetherington is a male writing voice who joins us from le Conseil Scolaire Providence.

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