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Children's Book Reviews: My Girlfriend's Pregnant

Publish November 27, 2015

Non-fiction author of Hooked: When Addiction Hits Home, Chloe Shantz-Hilkes, brings teens an edgy and informative read with My Girlfriend’s Pregnant! A Teen’s Guide to Becoming a Dad. Exploring the often overlooked perspective of the teenage father, Shantz-Hilkes interviews several young men about their initial reactions to the news of their girlfriends’ pregnancy and their actions afterwards. From abortion and adoption to fatherhood and something else, My Girlfriend’s Pregnant! is an honest look at how each affects the lives of the young men involved, sometimes without their consent. First, the guide gives any potential father a place to start. With a thorough inclusion of relevant pregnancy terms, it provides support and realism, letting teenage fathers know most importantly that they are not alone. Second, Frank discussion delves into the often bleak aspects of relationship fallout, single parenting, and trying to juggle everything as a teen. Throughout it all, Shantz-Hilkes encourages her readers, asking them to consider carefully the life-changing decisions they are about to make, while providing them with the information needed to do so. Packed with helpful resources, expert opinions, warning signs of abusive behaviour and symptoms of depression, the true relevance of this guide comes from the voices of the young men themselves. As they examine their decisions, the challenges involved in being a teenage father, and the emotions involved from start to every possible finish, Shantz-Hilkes builds the guide around their insights, and the result is an essential read not just for teen dads, but also for those supporting them.

My Girlfriend’s Pregnant! A Teen’s Guide to Becoming a Dad

Chloe Shantz-Hilkes
Annik Press
ISBN 13: 9781554517428