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Children's Book Reviews: Movers

Publish May 12, 2016

Middle grade author of Urgle, Meaghan McIsaac showcases her considerable world-building skills with her latest novel, Movers. Living in a world unwillingly tethered to the future, Patrick and his younger sister Maggie are Movers who are trying to avoid trouble after their father’s untimely shelving. Feared by regular people for their inexplicable ability to connect to people living years in the future, Movers face increasing regulations to monitor their powers. But when the extraordinary happens and someone from the future is moved to the present, Patrick is left with little choice except to take a stand and protect those he cares about from being shelved themselves. Aided by his classmate and fellow Mover, Gabby, their perilous journey to find answers about their powers will leave them only with more questions. A complex, cerebral read, Movers tackles issues of time travelling in a thoughtful manner. While the reader must pay close attention to understand the mechanics behind the story, McIsaac’s slow build of the details and background alongside a suspenseful plot does not overwhelm. The story of Patrick, Gabby and Maggie is also multi-layered, as they feel the impacts of being outliers in a society frightened of abilities they don’t understand. Fighting to reveal the truth about Movers as it is discovered, Patrick and Gabby must also figure out a way to prevent an impending war prompted by the visitor from the future. In a powerful first addition to the Movers series, McIsaac’s climatic writing is guaranteed to leave readers clamouring for a timely sequel.


Meaghan McIsaac
Tundra Books, Penguin Random House of Canada
ISBN 13: 978-1-770-498-181