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Children's Book Reviews: Madly

Publish February 18, 2016

YA author, Amy Alward (also known as Amy McCulloch, author of White Pine nominated The Oathbreaker’s Shadow) creates a modern day magical kingdom in Madly, the first book of the Potions Trilogy. For Samantha (Sam) Kemi, an apprentice alchemist backed by a gifted ancestry, Novaen Princess Evelyn’s self-poisoning by love potion is an opportunity. As the princess falls head over heels for her own reflection, a Wild Hunt is called, pitting Novaen alchemists against each other in a race to reproduce the potion to cure Princess Evelyn in exchange for wealth, notoriety and magical power. Realising the risk of a dangerous hunt is far outweighed by the chance to restore honour to the Kemi name and distinguish herself, Sam has a lot of motivation to win. Possessing admirable qualities of loyalty, cooperation, and determination, Sam also isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and act on her ambitions, making her a strong character. Despite discouragement from her secretive alchemist grandfather, Sam finds plenty of support from friends and other family members who recognise her potions expertise and urge her to join the hunt. Trekking across the globe in search of the rare items the potion needs, Sam has to contend with a fellow competitor actively trying sabotage the cure to take over the throne, and Zain, a love interest with puzzling motives. Like the love potion Sam skillfully recreates, author Amy Alward knows just the right ingredients to mix together for an engaging, adventure-filled read.


Amy Alward
Simon and Schuster Canada
ISBN 13: 978-148-144-378-4