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Children's Book Reviews: Kat and Meg Conquer the World

Publish November 28, 2017

With Kat’s social anxiety, making friends is a challenge. A move to Alberta to help care for her grandfather might be just what Kat needs when she meets her new science partner Meg (who has ADHD) at school. Bonding over a mutual love of LumberLegs, a YouTube speed runner for the game Legends of the Stone (LotS), Kat and Meg use their fandom to inspire their science project and set to work. It quickly becomes clear they have different approaches to deadlines; yet in life, what they have to offer each other will make them the best of friends.

First time YA author Anna Priemaza’s Kat and Meg Conquer the World offers an endearing, inside look at an unlikely friendship. Meg’s impulsive nature contrasts with Kat’s careful planning, but they realise their differences makes them a great team. Priemaza explores the challenges each girl encounters when trying to connect with others. Kat and Meg have an instinctual capacity to sense each other’s needs which gives them the inspiration to push the boundaries of their own limitations in a measured and believable way.

Facing the illness of family members, the abandonment of father figures, the revolving door of love interests and the pursuit of achieving a dream of meeting LumberLegs, Kat and Meg remind readers anything is possible with the love and support of a good friend.

Kat and Meg Conquer the World

Anna Priemaza
HarperCollins Canada
ISBN 13: 9780062560803

Amy Mathers
Amy Mathers

An avid promoter of Canadian teen fiction, Amy Mathers completed the Marathon of Books in 2014. The money she raised allowed the Canadian Children’s Book Centre to fund the Amy Mathers Teen Book Award. She also reviews for the Canadian Children’s Book News and writes a monthly article for the CCBC e-newsletter.

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