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Children's Book Reviews: If I Were a Zombie

Publish June 3, 2016

If I Were a Zombie is a boisterous trip through the twisted and often gory delights of a child’s imagination. Written by Kate Inglis and illustrated by Eric Orchard, this is a picture book that is fun and gross at the same time: what could be better? The premise of the book is that Evan and Poppy are two children who take turns writing poems about what it would be like to become various kinds of monsters or magical creatures: a zombie, a fairy, a robot, a giant, a vampire, and so on. They try to outdo each other in terms of gruesome details: Evan’s zombie packs up his drool in mason jars, and Poppy’s giant squishes people just for fun. Nearly every creature revels in anarchy, dirt, and mischief, as the two children unleash the full power of their imaginations. Inglis knows just what appeals to children, and gleefully presents us with a sea monster that eats squid lips and fish guts, a ninja that eats Boston cream doughnuts, and a burping goblin. Orchard has just as much fun with his exuberant illustrations: my favourite is Poppy as a filthy fairy swinging from a tree branch. Sometimes the rhythm of the poetry is uneven, making it challenging to read aloud. But the strength of this book lies in the freedom and endless invention of a child’s imagination. This is a delightful, entertaining book that is sure to be a hit with kids.

If I Were a Zombie

Kate Inglis
Illustration EN: Eric Orchard
Nimbus Publishing
ISBN 13: 978-1-77108-356-0