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Children's Book Reviews: Girl on the Run

Publish October 1, 2015

In B.R. Myers’ Girl on the Run, Jesse Collins is a running star stopped in her tracks by her father’s unexpected death. Blaming herself, she acts normal for her loved ones, but inside Jesse can’t imagine recapturing who she once was. Opportunity for change comes in the form of a summer job as a counsellor at Kamp Krystal Lake—until Jesse discovers she has been mistaken for a guy and assigned a cabin of boy misfits. Faced with the choice of managing the boys or going home, Jesse decides to stay, determined to prove herself—only to find more than a few hurdles along the way. Myers livens up the beach read genre with a spirited main character and a humourous story about finding your place again after getting off course. With a vibrant and endearing supporting cast, this story about loss is eased by the endless antics of the boys in Jessie’s care, as well as her own stunning ability to find herself in embarrassing circumstances. Romance is a vital element of the summer camp narrative and Myers delivers with considerable wit. Encouraged by a condom-wielding grandmother, Jesse’s romantic exploits range from cringe-worthy to steamy. And through it all, Jesse remains her authentic self, proving that while being with someone is wonderful, she is not someone who needs a relationship to complete her. Accompanied by insightful references to Olympian Jesse Owens, Girl on the Run aptly captures a season of crossroads with an empowered female figure at the helm.

Girl on the Run

B. R. Myers
Nimbus Publishing Ltd.
ISBN 13: 9781771083522