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Children's Book Reviews: Flannery

Publish May 6, 2016

Sixteen-year-old Flannery Malone has a lot to contend with. She’s hopelessly in love with her childhood friend Tyrone, who has no time for her. He’s a graffiti artist with a motorcycle who keeps one jump ahead of the local police. She’s worried sick about her best friend, Amber, who is involved in an abusive relationship with a musician and has turned her back on their friendship. And she’s fed up with her artist mother, Miranda, who is so broke she can’t pay the electricity bill or buy Flannery the biology textbook she needs for school, and yet still finds the money to buy her little brother karate lessons and expensive gadgets. With the edgy, uncomfortable awareness that any minute life can turn nasty and mean, Flannery nevertheless puts her faith in love, quite literally, by creating a love potion for a school project, with surprising results. In Flannery, her first YA novel, Lisa Moore brings one teenager’s uncertain life in St. John’s into brilliant focus. With her sharp eye for detail and knack for creating unexpected images, Moore keeps the reader totally involved in Flannery’s struggle to navigate the shifting, dangerous waters that threaten to overwhelm her. This is total immersion; we are tumbled right inside Flannery’s skin and we see, hear, taste and feel everything she does, from the fat snowflakes that fall on her face in the first snowfall of the year to the leather of Tyrone’s jacket on her lips as she rides behind him on his motorcycle. Reading Flannery is a compelling, heady experience, and the heroine – thoughtful, flawed, brave and funny – will stay with the reader long after the book’s very satisfying ending.


Lisa Moore
Groundwood Books
ISBN 13: 978-1-55498-076-5