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Children's Book Reviews: Feathers

Publish February 6, 2018

There are many places in the World where living conditions, due to flood, war, poverty or natural disaster, force families to migrate. This mass movement is witnessed in Feathers by a flying sandpiper – a bird’s eye view of children’s ability to find joy in the rubble. During its Winter migration, the sandpiper sheds feathers along its route. A boy picks up a feather in the ruins of his village and notices how soft the feather is. It reminds him of a safe home. A girl who was fleeing used it to tickle her brother’s feet; the laughter helped her think of safer times. After snowscapes and ocean storms, the feather is found by Mia, who notices how lucky she was to find it. The sandpiper lands close to Mia’s home, in peace and green.

Lesnie’s soft and air-light illustrations fly us along the landscapes of children’s journeys, showing us that not everyone lives in safety and wealth. Sometimes it takes an aerial view to appreciate our bit of the Earth.


Phil Cummings
Illustration EN: Phil Lesnie
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 13: 978-1-4437-2887-2

Seumas Hetherington
Seumas Hetherington

Seumas Hetherington is a bilingual reviewer of children’s ‘books for boys’, graphic novels, comics, and mixed media stories. He is a snowboarder in South-western Ontario and a self-proclaimed ‘science geek’. Hetherington is a male writing voice who joins us from le Conseil Scolaire Providence.

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