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Children's Book Reviews: Empire of Night

Publish September 10, 2015

Moria and Ashyn, Edgewood’s Keeper and Seeker, have travelled cross-country to Fairview to rescue the children of Edgewood, who are hostages of the sorcerer, Marshal Kitsune. But reaching Fairview is only the beginning of their quest. Orphaned, betrayed, and sent to the emperor with an ultimatum meant to start a war, Moria and Ashyn are alone and frustrated by their impotence in the face of evil. Unschooled in courtyard politics and wartime strategies, the twins are separated and soon fall prey to ugly rumours of Moria’s treachery. In Empire of Night, the second in Kelley Armstrong’s Age of Legends trilogy, Ashyn is again separated from her twin Moria, who has found safety in the unlikeliest haven – the camp of the enemy. With brawling battlefield action, political intrigue, and an unpredictable romance, Empire of Night is a satisfying sequel that complicates the more linear story set out in Sea of Shadows. Though somewhat tricky to follow, Armstrong’ ingenious story lines are handled with aplomb and an almost casual wit that lightens the dark subject matter. Engaging characters, chilling horror, and a cliffhanger ending make Empire of Night the best kind of fantasy – a deliciously dark and richly imagined world, where life and love are adventures with many possible endings.

Empire of Night

Kelley Armstrong
Doubleday Canada
ISBN 13: 978-0-385-67201-6

Karen Doerksen
Karen Doerksen Karen Doerksen lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta with her husband and four children. She works for the Edmonton Public Library, and holds a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Alberta.  

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