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Children's Book Reviews: Diego's Crossing

Publish October 30, 2015

Critically acclaimed adult author of The Final Confession of Mabel Stark, Robert Hough, expands his horizons with his first YA book, Diego’s Crossing. Living in Northern Mexico, seventeen year-old Diego is known in Spanish as a nini – someone who has no job and does not go to school. With limited prospects, Diego’s main ambition is not to turn out like his unemployed and defeated father. Life in his neighbourhood is bleak, especially with the drug cartel murders, but Diego’s older brother Ernesto is treated as a hero when he comes back home with a shiny new truck and a job as a drug runner. An accident leaves Ernesto unable to pay his debts, or do his job, forcing Diego to step up for his family and decide his fate. Written in sparse, yet striking prose, Hough captures the inner turmoil of a young man caught between the life of poverty he’s always known and the allure of ‘easy’ money. But what ultimately drives Diego is not the trappings of wealth, but his devotion to his family, even when they make bad decisions. Diego shoulders the heavy responsibility of covering for his brother out of loyalty and commitment. The tale of Diego and his family is a quick, staggering read. Hough delves into the world of Mexican drug cartels through the view of an outsider drawn in by necessity, not by choice. With plenty of action and a thoughtful main character, Diego’s Crossing informs readers, while also inviting them to contemplate their own circumstances.

Diego's Crossing

Robert Hough
Annik Press
ISBN 13: 9781554517565