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Children's Book Reviews: Delicate

Publish October 14, 2015

Established author of I Know It’s Over and My Beating Teenage Heart, C.K. Kelly Martin’s latest YA novel, Delicate, features Ivy, a mature and driven young woman who has it all – including a hot, socially conscious boyfriend named Jeremy. But when Jeremy ends the relationship, Ivy’s world shifts and she has trouble figuring out how to deal. Meanwhile, Lucan, Ivy’s second cousin who is not related by blood, is trying to handle his own problems. His peanut allergy leaves him feeling vulnerable, and he hates how his mother’s new boyfriend is hanging around all the time. In the midst of their separate troubles, Ivy and Lucan reconnect and find in each other someone to lean on. Deceptively written, Delicate is not quite what it appears to be. Within the amiable story of Ivy and Lucan lies the abusive tale of Lucan’s best friend Des and Des’ girlfriend McKenna. Painted as a high conflict couple by their friends, no one around them knows the truth – that Des is physically violent toward McKenna. Time and an incident at a surprise party move McKenna to confide in Lucan about what is really going on between her and Des, sparking an empowering, sensitive example of dealing with abusive relationships. Such a heavy secondary plot overshadows the main plot a bit, but Martin’s nuanced exploration of being perceived as weak, or delicate makes up for it.   Delicate contains teenage angst, sex, betrayal and suspense, resulting in an intense read for those who love drama.


C.K. Kelly Martin
Dancing Cat Books
ISBN 13: 9781770864528