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Children's Book Reviews: Bad Pirate

Publish August 6, 2015

Augusta Garrick is good-natured and helpful but when you’re a pirate, being good is BAD. At least that’s what her father, Captain Barnacle Garrick, seems to think. He wants no kindhearted scurvy scabs on board his ship, that’s for sure: “On this ship yez got to be saucy and yez got to be bold but most important me hearties, yez got to be SELFISH!”Readers will chant along with Captain Barnacle as Augusta teaches her father a lesson in this topsy-turvy book. Kari-Lynn Winters is known for her fun, rhythmic language and Bad Pirate is no exception. Using repetition and boisterous words, Winters makes everyone feel like an old sea dog. (Luckily for non-pirates, the endpapers include a glossary.) And Dean Griffiths’illustrations add to the merriment, characterizing all the pirates as dogs. From spaniels to pit bulls, even the mermaids are canine, or rather, mer-dogs. Sporting nose rings, beaded dreadlocks and a hilarious range of headgear, these hearties are an enthusiastic bunch, right up until a terrible storm makes the pages sway so realistically readers may have to close their eyes! Whether ye be saucy, bold, kindhearted – or all three – Bad Pirate is a rollicking read-aloud that will please the pirate in everyone.

Bad Pirate

Kari-Lynn Winters
Illustration EN: Dean Griffiths
Pajama Press
ISBN 13: 978-1-927485-71-2

Penny Draper
Penny Draper Penny Draper lives in Victoria, British Columbia. She is the author of the award-winning “Disaster Strikes!” series, historical fiction that places young protagonists at the centre of real Canadian disasters.

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