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Children's Book Reviews: Are You Seeing Me?

Publish September 18, 2015

New Canadian author Darren Groth explores the powerful bond of siblings in Are You Seeing Me? When nineteen year-old Percy, decides to live at Fair Go, a community home for people with brain disorders, his twin sister Justine is determined to take him on one last epic adventure. Through a journey that will test the limits of their relationship and change their lives, together they venture across the Pacific from Australia to the coast of North America to visit Ogopogo, the Canadian Sea Monster, Bruce Lee’s grave, and –unbeknownst to Percy– the twins’ long absent mother whom Justine has been secretly in contact with. Told in multiple points of views, Groth’s character driven-writing captures the breaking and remaking of a family with excerpts from their father’s journal providing a window into their shared history. As twins, Justine understands Percy’s behaviour and moods, and Percy provides his unique insight into her life, determined to ensure Justine is not prevented from becoming independent. What remains unsaid in Groth’s work is any kind of identifying term for Percy’s ‘brain disorder.’ It is significant enough to thrust Justine into the role of a young caregiver and to factor into the twins’ mother’s abandonment of their family, but Groth does not concretely label Percy’s reality. This leads to an unbiased, immersive reading experience in the ups and downs of hypersensitivity, a well-rounded look at one whole family’s experience with the disorder, and a thrilling trip along the Pacific Coast.

Are You Seeing Me?

Darren Groth
Orca Book Publishers
ISBN 13: 9781459810792