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Children's Book Reviews: All the Feels

Publish September 1, 2016

The latest Starveil movie crushes fangirl and college freshman Liv when Spartan, the main character, is caught in ship implosion and presumed dead. Overcome by her grief, Liv refuses to accept her fictional hero is lost, and takes inspiration from a fortune cookie to change Spartan’s destiny. With the help of her best friend Xander, Liv launches a social media campaign called #SpartanSurvived, spurring on like-minded fans to imagine sightings of Spartan, and reviving a dying franchise in the process. But not everyone understands fandom like Liv and her internet friends do, and Xander and Liv’s mother are increasingly concerned about Liv’s actions and focus IRL (in real life). In All the Feels, teen author Danika Stone gives voice to Generation Z with one young woman’s modern and technologically savvy fandom obsession. While the connection between her father’s death and Liv’s behaviour could have been further developed, Liv’s journey from unknown shut-in to celebrity social media genius is ultimately well-paced and engrossing. Stone’s subtle development of Liv’s social skills through the persistent efforts of her best friend Xander is also an intriguing plot point. While Liv’s mother seems to lack an understanding of what her daughter is going through, Xander is able to see what she needs to survive in life and proves himself to be a caring friend by helping her learn how to talk and connect with others. An insightful look at the challenges teens face, All the Feels explores the new levels fandom can reach in our technological age, as well as the real life implications such an obsession can have.

All the Feels

Danika Stone
Swoon Reads- Macmillan
ISBN 13: 978-1-250-084-095