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Children's Book Reviews: Me (And) Me

Publish July 25, 2017

On an idyllic first date with Alec, events sour quickly when Lark has to make a wrenching choice of whose life to save in an emergency situation. Waking up in the morning reveals her regrets – as well as the outcome of her decision – until she wakes up in a different reality where she has made the opposite choice. As these two realities continue to exist side by side, each Lark gets subtle clues that all is not right with the universe. Figuring out what went wrong and how to mend it is a challenge, but with insight and a few loyal friends, Lark has everything she needs.

Author Alice Kuipers, known for The Worst Thing She Ever Did and Life on a Refrigerator Door, is not afraid to change up her writing style and embrace different narration techniques. In Me (and) Me, understanding that Lark (or versions of her) is living in dual realities is complex, but explores a profound question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another, “What if?”

For Kuipers’ readers, it’s an involved answer. There are pros and cons if Lark saves either person, moral implications and personal preferences. With knowledge of how events turn out from both perspectives, the reader has a god-like perspective on Lark’s life and which answer is best for her and others.

This is the strength of Kuipers’ story: Possibilities that are thoughtfully and thoroughly explored, alongside a cast of genuine characters. With a surprising yet oddly satisfying ending, Kuipers brings another stunning YA title to life.

Me (And) Me

Alice Kuipers
HarperTrophy Canada
ISBN 13: 9781443448826

Amy Mathers
Amy Mathers

An avid promoter of Canadian teen fiction, Amy Mathers completed the Marathon of Books in 2014. The money she raised allowed the Canadian Children’s Book Centre to fund the Amy Mathers Teen Book Award. She also reviews for the Canadian Children’s Book News and writes a monthly article for the CCBC e-newsletter.

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