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Children's Book Reviews: 10 Ships that Rocked the World

Publish February 11, 2016

There’s an inherent romance in the idea of a ship sailing on the high seas that appeals to the adventurer in all of us. 10 Ships that Rocked the World, the third book in Annick’s The World of Tens series, features ten ships that played a vital role in history over the last 600 years. The intriguing stories of these ships draws the reader into a wider world of international exploration, war, revolution, and scientific discovery. Gillian Richardson begins with the legendary treasure ships that spread Chinese influence through Asia and Africa during the 15th century, and ends with the Somali pirates of the 21st century. Along the way there are intrepid and influential sailors, such as the Portuguese explorer, Vasco de Gama, and the environmental activists of Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior. The chapters about the doomed refugee ships Exodus and Komagata Maru are especially poignant today in light of the thousands of refugees who are risking their lives in the Mediterranean. Richardson has delved deep into the history of these ships, providing thoughtful historical context. Plentiful text boxes will pique a child’s interest, discussing anti-submarine defenses, food at sea, and notorious pirates of the past. The book is dramatically illustrated with archival images and Kim Rosen’s original art. However, the rather dry fictional chapter openings neither add interest nor draw readers into the stories of the ships, and could easily have been omitted. 10 Ships that Rocked the World will be an excellent resource for school libraries, offering students a unique approach to explore history through the fascinating stories of these exceptional ships.

10 Ships that Rocked the World

Gillian Richardson
Illustration EN: Kim Rosen
Annik Press
ISBN 13: 978-1-55451-781-7