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Children's Book Review: This Little Hamster

Publish November 12, 2013

9781459804104 Kass Reich 978-1-4598-0410-4 Orca Book Publishers October 1, 2013 24 pp Ages birth – 3

The adorable critters who counted from one to ten in Kass Reich’s Hamsters Holding Hands (2012), make a colourful return in This Little Hamster.   The clean layout and design of this board book is appropriate for the intended audience, and thick, sturdy pages will hold up to repeated readings. Babies and toddlers are introduced to the concept of colour recognition as an eclectic assortment of objects is presented in each hamster’s favourite hue:  “This little hamster is crazy for blue/ She has a sofa, a net and a silly tutu.”  Reich’s sprightly verse is rollicking fun to read aloud and tricky rhymes are handled with equally witty aplomb, such as pairing purple with “a dino named Durple.” Reich’s hand drawn and digitally enhanced roly-poly rodents have pin-prick eyes and charming grins and the illustrations showcase their antics, such as playing with a spool of thread and balancing on top of a juice box.  Young children will enjoy recognizing and identifying the colours and pictures on the pages which have everything from a yellow rubber duck, to a green bubble-blowing machine.  This well-designed board book offers plenty of opportunities for caregivers and children to explore early learning concepts together.   ludke Linda Ludke is a librarian at London Public Library.  Her reviews have appeared in Quill and Quire, School Library Journal and CM:  Canadian Review of Materials.  When she’s not reading and writing she also loves searching for vintage treasures.   Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. This review, and all of our children’s book reviews, are free to reprint and repost. Download the files here or Contact Us for more information. Word Doc: This Little Hamster PDF: This Little Hamster