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Children's Book Review: The Rule of Thirds by Chantel Guertin

Publish October 24, 2013

17707115 9781770411593 ECW Press Oct. 2013 187 pp. Ages 12 and up. Writer and beauty expert Chantel Guertin takes a new direction with The Rule of Thirds, the first instalment of a teen series featuring sixteen-year-old photographer, Pippa Greene. The Vantage Point photography competition is looming, and Pippa is desperate to win first prize. But someone is stealing from Pippa’s classmates, her best friend is debating the merits of casual sex, and Pippa is torn between the perfect new guy and an unavailable older crush. Worse, she hasn’t really coped with her father’s recent death, and often succumbs to panic attacks. In order to graduate, Pippa must complete mandatory volunteer hours. When she is assigned candy striping duties at the hospital where her father died, she must confront her emotions or risk sacrificing her dreams and her budding love life. Although the death of Pippa’s father permeates its narrative, The Rule of Thirds is not a dark story and definitely targets teens looking for “light” fiction rather than a full-fledged grief narrative.  Guertin’s voice is impeccable, believably channeling a sixteen-year-old girl who must learn the uncomfortable reality that life is not a fairytale, and not all stories end happily ever after. The resulting novel is surprisingly upbeat as Pippa copes with normal life marching on – often with hilarious results. The Rule of Thirds is a thoroughly enjoyable ice-cream pint of a novel – it’s so delectable you won’t be able to put it down until it’s finished, and you may find a few treats along the way. Karen Doerksen Karen Doerksen lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta with her husband and four children. She works for the Edmonton Public Library, and holds a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Alberta. Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. This review, and all of our children’s book reviews, are free to reprint and repost. Download the files here or Contact Us for more information. Word: The Rule of Thirds