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Children's Book Review: Saving Montgomery Sole

Publish March 1, 2016

Governor General award-winning author of This One Summer, Mariko Tamaki, delves into one teen’s mystically-influenced journey of self-discovery in her new novel, Saving Montgomery Sole. Growing up as the daughter of two mothers in small town California, Montgomery is used to being an outsider. Finding solace in a group called the Mystery Club, Montgomery and her friends, Thomas and Naoki, explore the little-known phenomenon of the world – everything from lucid dreaming to remote viewing. Despite her efforts to explain the unexplainable, something Montgomery just can’t understand is the judgment of others based on their sexual orientation. Attempting to find answers using a stone called The Eye of Know leads to unexpectedly dangerous results, as well as insight into those around her. All too aware some consider her family to be immoral, Montgomery internalizes how this hurtful belief affects her mothers. Her mistrust of religion is well-founded, and when the perfect storm of an evangelical preacher working to restore the American family, bullies at school, and her sister’s sudden interest in God all come together, Montgomery attempts to wield the mysterious Eye of Know stone in her anger, believing it will help her make sense of everything in a way that doesn’t involve the damnation of her family and friends. Driven by an irrepressible sense of curiosity and a profound search for something to believe in, Montgomery’s journey is compelling. Tamaki’s sense of dramatic timing will have even the most skeptical reader gasping in surprise, and perhaps feeling a little guilty pleasure when the unenlightened get their due. But the true beauty of Montgomery’s tale lies in her discovery of the strength of her family and herself, a constant she can rely on no matter who (or what) she encounters in the future.

Saving Montgomery Sole

Mariko Tamaki
Razorbill Canada, Penguin Random House of Canada
ISBN 13: 978-067-007-001-5