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Children's Book Review: Clover’s Luck

Publish March 12, 2015

Take one curious, resourceful little girl with bad luck. Add several abandoned but adorable magical creatures (dragons, unicorns, fairy horses) and put them all in an animal adoption agency deep in a mysterious wood. Add witches, princesses, and a guardian garden gnome and you have the magical potion for an enchanting new chapter book series from Kallie George, author of the picture books, Flare and Spark. Clover’s Luck is the first book in The Magical Animal Adoption Agency series. Clover is an ordinary little girl who wanders into a summer job at an agency that finds homes for magical animals. All her life she has felt unlucky, but as she works with the animals (and fends off an evil witch), Clover soon realizes that she can rely on herself to make her own good luck. This is a gentle adventure story laced with humour and whimsical invention. Alexandra Boiger’s sweet line drawings add their own charm to Clover’s weird, wonderful, and sometimes dangerous world. The series has a delightful website, where kids can adopt a magic animal after taking a quiz to find out which one suits them best (mine is a sea serpent!). Clover’s Luck is sure to cast its spell over readers who love animals, magic, and fairy tales, and who sometimes feel, like Clover, that the world is against them.

Clover’s Luck

Kallie George
Illustration EN: Alexandra Boiger
HarperCollins Canada
ISBN 13: 978-1443419802